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Kevin Costner is no stranger to sports themed movies. The Tin Cup, Bull Durham, For the Love from the Game star has stared in five separate sports films now rounds that number to a even six with all the football themed Draft Day Movie Online directed by Ghostbuster’s helmer Ivan Reitman.
Taking over a role more his age (Costner can be a football yard lacking 60), Costner plays Sonny Weaver Jr., the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns inside the NFL. The action picks on NFL Draft Day, the afternoon in which 200+ young budding stars get drafted by big league teams in a huge televised event going on in New York City.
Sonny’s Cleveland team would be a lowly 6-10 the growing season before – largely because of the injury to their star quarterback. The Browns get the 7th round draft pick on draft day, but pressures from Brown’s team owner (Frank Langella) as well as an aggressive offer from the Seattle Seahawks to swap the number 1 pick for future options leave Sonny with only hours to think about both his legacy and what is perfect for the city’s revered team.
The film all occurs within the a day on draft day along with a running clock that appears a few times during the film reminds us how the time is ticking and decisions should be made. Impeding such forward thinking include the films distractions which come in the form of two female characters with ties to Sonny. Jennifer Garner plays Ali, the love interest of Sonny and the lawyer and number cruncher who is responsible for keeping the Browns beneath the NFL salary cap. With the film only a few minutes aged, we learn that Ali is pregnant with Sonny’s baby – a subplot that was hardly required to keep things moving. Also complicating things is Sonny’s mother played by Ellen Burstyn. Sonny’s father would be a former Cleveland Brown’s coach (fired by Sonny Jr. the season previous) and it has recently died. Sonny’s mother for reasons which were hard to understand considering she lived a life with football at the core from the family, decides that draft day is the afternoon in which she would like Sonny to invest some time completing his father’s last wishes as identified as part of his will.
Both female stories go nowhere and could easily have wound up on the cutting room floor. Instead, in the weak attempt to connect with a female audience, the 2 characters are awarded ample screen time and energy to emote and distract Sonny on the is arguably one of the most difficult and focused day of his career.
When Sonny is just not tripping in the estrogen pitfalls, he or she is struggling with his coach (Dennis Leary) and working the phones discussing trade possibilities with Jacksonville, Buffalo and Kansas City in an try and save the location the embarrassment of selling the golden goose for a couple of magic beans.
It happens when Sonny is working his draft magic that the movie reaches its best. His calls both to and from potential and existing players had a traditional feel along with the chaos of draft day is captured with tense complexity and legacy importance.
Draft Day would like to be football’s answer to baseball’s Moneyball. But the Aaron Sorkin written baseball film starring Brad Pitt had rocket-fire dialogue that catapulted the film to a Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay. Draft Day instead is fluff, but it is good fluff. Costner consistently makes every film to which he is involved superior to it should be and Reitman is smart to give appropriate cameos (Roger Goodall, Bernie Kozar, Jim Brown), he keeps the spotlight on his star heaving the film on Costner’s shoulders in an make an effort to score a box office touchdown.
Draft Day would have been a fun distraction. Browns fans will probably enjoy a fantasy film of the team making right decisions (the Browns have never made the NFL playoffs since 2002), and football fans should find valued entertainment inside behind the scenes peak into the day of a General Manager. But film fans hoping for a Moneyball something like that smarter than Draft Day’s trailers have revealed should look elsewhere.


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